MaxiMail helps you look after all your “volume” email requirements. A selection of some of the key features (standard features and optional features) of MaxiMail follow.

Full List Management

MaxiMail allows you to simply and efficiently manage all your email marketing lists. The following areas can easily be managed in MaxiMail:

• Sign-ups 
• Opt-in & Opt-out 
• Bounced Emails (Hard and Soft) 
• Failed Emails 
• Unsubscribe
• GDPR Management
• Multiple Lists • List Building 

Being able to manage these items helps you ensure that you comply with current Data Protection Legislation, including the new GDPR rules. Of course, this is also good practice and important for sales, marketing and customer service.

Full Integration

If required, MaxiMail can be fully or partially integrated with your existing database or indeed most standard Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. It can also be fully integrated with your business website if needed. 

Event Notifications

MaixMail allows you to access regular updates on the performance of your email campaigns through the system. This can be very useful in many scenarios - for example, if you want to provide sales “lead” information to your sales team whenever someone opens, reads or acts on an email. 


As well as emails, MaxiMail has full SMS (Text) broadcast functionality. The system can broadcast SMS text messages, and the platform also allows you to set-up keywords and reply numbers so that your client can respond to your text campaigns very easily. Additional costs may apply for the SMS service.

Analysis - Full Tracking and Reporting

Our state-of-the-art reporting systems are designed to give you the highest level of e-marketing campaign analysis, both quickly and efficiently. You can measure all the basics including:

• Deliverability
• Open Rates
• Click Through Rates
• Failed Rates
• Bounced Emails
• Unsubscribe Rates
• Reply Rates
• Response Timelines

You can also measure the success of your campaign and quickly and easily compare your companies results to industry averages. This could for example include certain criteria being met. The reporting systems can also be used to quickly and easily create lists of people who did not open your email so they can be re-targeted. Alternatively, you could create lists of people who did open your email but did not click a link. You can even breakdown your opens by domain name so that you can find out which groups of people are most responsive to your marketing.

Subject Line Selection 

Choosing the right subject line for your email campaign can make the difference between a successful campaign and an unsuccessful campaign. The subject line is a key factor that helps determine whether an individual reads an email, as it is often the first thing that is seen. 

MaxiMail uses technology that can broadcast email creative to a small sample of the distribution list using different subject lines. It then automatically selects the subject line that performed best before sending the full broadcast. This can significantly increase your campaigns effectiveness.

Dynamic Content, Dynamic “From” Descriptions and Dynamic Subject Lines

The content of your email and also of your “From” description and subject line can be quickly and easily changed using our dynamic content application. For example, you may want to personalise your HTML email message with an individual’s name. Or, you may want to send an email campaign where the “From” line states the name of your client’s sales contact. Whatever your requirements, MaxiMail is designed to be as flexible as possible.

Time Of Day Analysis  

As well as being able to schedule your email broadcast for a specific time, we have developed a powerful “Time Sending Selection Tool”. After multiple broadcasts have been distributed through MaxiMail, this tool analyses when each of the recipients (based on past open times) is most likely to open and read your email.

This can significantly increase the effectiveness of your email marketing budget over time.

Checks Before Broadcast

SPAM filters are constantly evolving and becoming more and more aggressive. If as a MaxiMail client, you also request Palladium to design and build your email creative, your email can be checked against many different SPAM filter tests to make sure your email campaign gets the best possible deliverability.

Your email can also be reviewed using sophisticated preview tests to ensure that it looks as you intended with different email clients.

Palladium is the general marketing division of our business - the division that looks after areas such as email creative and general marketing. 

As a separate “add-on”, MaxiMail can also provide you with an additional level of reporting which provides a full analysis of your email against almost all known Spam Filters and also Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This allows you to monitor your emails and to check if there are problems with them getting through to certain ISPs. 

We believe the MaxiMail system is already robust, but these are useful add-ons where required.

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